Get Pest Control Services in Kolkata by Just a Call

Feb 09

Kolkata's Shield Against Pests: Expert Pest Control Solutions

What pest control services are there at Pest Control?

Nov 18


Since Kolkata is a densely populated area, there are sure to be many kinds of insect nests there. All these ty...

Find out if your home is infested with Termite Control Kolkata

Nov 20


One of the smallest and most dangerous insects is the termite. These termites can do four times more damage to your property th...

Termite Control Kolkata: Aware From Deadly Disease

Nov 22

A termite is a type of deadly living insect that lives especially in trees and forests. They cause tremendous damage to wooden objects. If termite get...

Eradication of cockroaches from houses and apartments

Nov 24

One of the pests that invade homes and apartments is the cockroach. Cockroaches can be found roaming unsanitary in almost every kitchen. Many years ag...

Kolkata’s Top Rat Control Treatment

Nov 28

Rat is a common pest that can cause a lot of damage to your home and business. Not only can they damage your property, they can spread many incurable ...

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