Is pest control getting rid of rats permanently?

Jun 12

Rats are a nuisance pest that can easily infest your home or business premises. If they enter your home or business premises, they can spread disease, damage your property and contaminate food. If you don’t deal with their infestation in time you will have to face many problems and keep in mind that rats soon increase in numbers so take steps soon.

Rats are a common problem in the areas of Kolkata nowadays and a pest control in Kolkata service is essential to get rid of rat infestation or deal with rat infestation.

What damage can rats do?

Health Risk: Rats transmit a variety of diseases, including the Hantavirus epidemic, which was caused by rats. Due to diseases spread by rats, children or elderly people in your household can get sick easily as their immune system is very weak so be careful and stay healthy.

Property damage: Rats can cause major damage to your home property like rats always love to chew something so they can chew your wooden furniture or sofa cover or important papers and also cause short circuits by chewing electrical wires.

Contaminates food: Pathogens present in rat urine or droppings can cause Weil’s disease or leptospirosis.

What are the symptoms of rat infestation?

To reduce rat infestation, you must first identify the rat infestation. Rats emit a strong odor and that strong odor will tell you that rats have entered your home or business premises.

Notice that there are small pieces of paper or pieces of wood or wood chips lying under the bed, under the sofa.

How to get rid of rats permanently?

Rat infestation is now a common problem and there are various ways to control this problem which can keep your home or business premises safe from infestation. But among the many options for rat control, we recommend professional pest control services that eliminate rats from root and protect you from long-term rat infestations.


Traps are a very common and old way to get rid of rats but when the number of rats in your house is very high then this trap will not be able to deal with the rat infestation at all. The trap method can protect you from rat infestation in the first stage of infestation i.e. when the number of rats is very low.


Baits can also be used to prevent rat infestations, but baits are never effective for high numbers of rat infestations.


Poison can effectively control rodents, but poison has a serious side effect that can be very dangerous if it somehow gets ingested by a small member of your household or a pet.

Professional pest control

Professional Rat Control Kolkata Service provides safe, effective and affordable rat control from your infested area which is completely eco-friendly. Prime Pest Control provides rat control services in compliance with all regulations and protects you from long-term rat infestation.

To keep yourself healthy and protect your property, try to get your rat infested area under control immediately by contacting Prime Pest Control official phone number which will provide you 24*7 hours customer service. Call Now –(+91) 9007771418 

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