Termite Control Kolkata: Aware From Deadly Disease

Nov 22

A termite is a type of deadly living insect that lives especially in trees and forests. They cause tremendous damage to wooden objects. If termite gets inside the wooden furniture of your house, it can destroy your furniture and you can’t get rid of them very easily because they are very stubborn insects and their propagation is very fast.

You can get help from pest control services in Kolkata or go with Kolkata Termite Control . Our control services will help keep your home and business safe from termites and other pests. Our work is expertly completed and comes with a warranty. Our job is to remove the termite from the root in a safe manner.

How Do We Detect A Termite Infestation?

We are here to share some tips with you to detect and prevent termite infestation. Termites are usually attracted to things where they can easily nest, such as cracks in your home’s floors or ceiling leaks. The most favorite thing of termites is wood. They can easily nest in any wooden furniture, when they nest in the forest they are inside tree trunks so if your house has wooden couches, chairs all the furniture they can nest in them very easily.

If your home is infested or infected with termites, you can notice a few things very easily. Signs that can be noticed are damaged wood chips, wood chips under couches, crevices in furniture, and clay pipes in walls.

Termite Control Kolkata can help you to prevent these problems. We advise you to keep a bird’s eye on your property to prevent any insects from infesting your home, they can cause small to large-scale damage.

Methods we use to control termites

There are many types of powders or sprays available in the market that you can use to get rid of termites from your home or workplace but they do not eradicate them from the root and after a few days they re-infest.

Adopting a pest control service method or taking the help of a pest control service may cost a little but you will get service with a warranty. Termite control Kolkata service eliminates termites from the root with a safe method due to which you can live peacefully from these termites for a long time.

Before Treatment

Prime Pest Control Services will treat you step by step as usual. First of all, when you contact us and book your area for termite control we will first investigate your area with experts. Termite control Kolkata experts will carry out the control process based on understanding the damage in your area.


After the investigation, the experts will determine a specific schedule to carry out the termite control service in your adequate area. Our complete service is safe and environmentally friendly.

We have developed termite control by some trained experts, who will help you to eliminate the termites from your affected area and you will get a safe system and warranty from us.

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