Is Professional Control The Best Remedy For Termites ?

Jun 17

Eradicating termites can be very difficult and impossible when they multiply. If you recognize the early signs of termite infestation and want to treat them, some home remedies can help you but if they increase in number, you cannot get rid of them with home remedies. Termites breed very quickly, so you should not waste time and contact a right professional control service.

Home Remedies for Termites

There are several home remedies for termite control like borax, orange oil, neem oil, foamy water and many others, among them there are few home remedies that are really effective. Termites usually roam around the home but if they get into the walls or foundation it is very difficult to find and eliminate them from there with a home remedy, in that case a professional team is needed. There are many termite control in Kolkata who can solve your problem and help you live termites free.


One of the most commonly used home remedies for termite control is borax, also known as sodium borate. This borax gas is so strong that it can destroy termites inside the hole. Borax is a powder that is mixed with water and sprayed on termite infested areas.

Borax is an effective but very dangerous remedy because if it somehow gets mixed with food or if small children or pets come into contact with it in any way, this gas can be very harmful to them.

Orange Oil

Orange oil, which can be purchased at most grocery stores, is used to prevent small-scale termite infestations. These orange oils are effective for small scale termites or when the termite infestation is very low and although these orange oils can be fatal to termites, they are less toxic to children or pets.

There are several methods of applying this orange oil such as you can inject orange oil inside the holes of the wood with the help of injection which can destroy the wood infested termites.

Neem Oil

Another home remedy for termite control is neem oil which is called grandma’s trick. Neem oil not only helps in killing termites but also other small insects. Neem oil is an essential oil with natural properties that helps to eliminate pesticides but this neem oil disrupts the control of large number termites.

Foamy Water

Another home remedy option for termite control is foamy water. Many people do not know about the benefits of foaming water, so no one chooses this method as a remedy, but foaming water can help control termites naturally with early symptoms.

Professional Termite Control

We recommend professional control services for termite control. Professional control services are designed in such a way that those are fully effective , environmentally friendly and long-lasting pest control procedures. These pest control teams are capable of controlling any size and any type of termites. Professional termite control service saves your time and allows you to focus on other tasks.

Prime Pest Control is Kolkata’s trusted and reliable pest control in Kolkata service has been operating termite control services in Kolkata and other parts of India for many years. We will make your infested area pest free through several methods and you will be free from termite infestation for long. We provide affordable pest control services because we believe that everyone deserves to live a healthy life.

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