What Are The Top 3 Termite Control Processes?

May 14

Your home, your biggest investment, could be at risk. Termites can cause considerable damage to household furniture and other structures. Termites will love the food prepared in your kitchen and poison it. Which will make your family members sick.

If your house is infested by termites, they will soon destroy the structure of your home and destroy your dream house or your expensive investment. Here are three top ways you can use termite control to avoid destruction or damage. We are Termite control in Kolkata service which has been termite free for many years around kolkata and help to live a healthy life.

Termite Treatment Process

Termites are tiny insects that colonize and devour dead plant material such as wood, wooden cardboard, and are also attracted to eating cooked food in your home.

Termites are not easy to detect but if you notice some residue of sawdust around your wooden furniture, you may think that there is a termite infestation or you can tap on your furniture and if you hear a hollow sound, make sure that the wood is inside. Termite droppings can also help you identify termites, but don’t avoid them after identifying termites, as they can cause a lot of damage to you, so let’s check at the top three solutions.

· Application of boric acid

Boric acid is a common way you can get rid of termites. Boric acid is a commonly used treatment for termite control, spraying boric acid on affected areas or coating wooden furniture with boric acid. You should apply boric acid to the infested areas at least one to two times a week, this way the termites will disappear after a few applications. Boric acid can save you from termites but it requires a lot of time and there is a caution. When using boric acid, you should keep your pets and children away, because if they ingest the boric acid, it can cause a life-threatening situation.

· Vinegar Spray

Another effective way to get rid of termites is vinegar spray. Many people get rid of termites by using vinegar spray, vinegar spray does not harm your house members. But it takes up to a month to kill termites and during this time they can do a lot more damage to your property.

· Professional Control Service

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