How To Treatment Termites From Your Premises

May 30

Termites are troublesome and annoying pests that can cause various damages to your home or body and are very difficult to get rid of. Termite infestations are difficult to detect because they thrive in particularly inaccessible places. You need a termite treatment when you see them destroying the structure of your home’s wooden furniture or other valuables.

Best Termite Treatment

Termites are an annoying and harmful pest. Some of the common signs to identify their infestation are Mud tubes on walls, hollow sounding woodwork, damaged wooden furniture, discarded wings. We suggest that a professional pest control in Kolkata will give you the best termite removal service as compared to other home remedies or sprays available in the market.

One thing to note is that professional services will definitely give you the best solution but you still need to monitor regularly so that your home and you stay healthy and safe. ]

If you are looking for termite control in Kolkata then the best pest control service is Prime Pest Control.

Why you choose Us over other services

All the pest control services in Kolkata have their own set of rules and regulations. Everyone gives services according to their rules or process. But we claim to be the best among the rest, the reasons are:

Skilled & Experienced Team

The team assigned for our control services are all skilled and experienced in their respective areas as we have been providing pest control services in Kolkata and other places in India for many years, we are proficient in dealing with all types of pests and problems.

Eco- friendly

The service you will get from us is completely environment friendly. All of our processes are designed to protect the health of your pets or children, and all of the chemicals we use are government approved and safe.

Long lasting

Termite treatment by us will eliminate termites from the root and last longer. Our experienced team will provide you with some tips to keep your space safe and secure from the infestation in the future after termite treatment in your infested area, so that you can be free from any type of termites and breathe easy.


You will get the termite treatment that we provide at an affordable price because we believe that everyone should live pest free.

But the sprays available in the market are much more affordable than ours but they are very risky like if somehow the spray gets into your eyes or gets mixed with food, it can cause serious conditions.

Book an appointment We are available 24*7 hours to help you contact us and call our official number  (+91) 9007771418  to book your appointment. We will treat your termite infested area as soon as possible.

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