How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Easily?

Jul 04

A bed bug is a tiny pest about 5 millimeters long that lives by feeding on the blood of animals. Bed bugs do not spread disease but are a nuisance that annoy people and cause bad smell. They multiply quickly and are the only pest that multiply the fastest and can live for long periods without feeding, a female bed bug can give birth to over 500 bedbugs in her lifetime. The scientific name of bed bugs is Cimex lectularius, which are very small in size, brownish red and flattened.

In this blog you will find how to identify bed bugs, early signs and ways to eliminate them. Also, if you are looking for bed bug solutions in Kolkata, we suggest you the perfect one.

Symptoms Of Bed bug

Bed bug bites are the first sign of the presence of bed bugs. There are many people who do not realize or notice a reaction to a bed bug bite so they ignore them but there are many people who have a strong allergic reaction to a bed bug bite and even require medication.

Areas infested by bed bugs

Bed bugs can enter our home through any means and can spread their infection. Although bed bugs do not spread any disease or harm us, it is very uncomfortable. More bed bugs harm children because the bites of bed bugs cause allergies. We mainly see bed bugs under the mattress because they like to live in the cool dark places and they suck our blood while we sleep.

There are three signs you need to identify to know if your mattress has a bed bug infestation:

  • Blood stains on sheets or mattresses.
  • Odor emanating from the mattress.
  • Small pale yellow scales.

Does cleanliness keep away bed bugs?

Bed bug infestations are not related to cleanliness as they can infest anywhere. .Even hotels, movie theaters or airplanes that are often cleaned regularly can have bed bugs because they especially love to be around people because they feed on human blood.

Bed Bug Treatment

Because bed bugs are small in size and only come out when we sleep, it is usually too late to detect them and when they become excessive in numbers we realize their infestation, and no DIY method to control them is effective.

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