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Prime Pest Control: Effective Rat Control Service of Kolkata

Rats are small pests that are very annoying and can cause huge damage to your home. Rats can cause significant damage not only to your home but also to businesses and agriculture. Rats also carry a variety of viruses. Prime Pest Control for Rat Control is the most effective and highest quality pest control service that will keep you free from rat infestation. We and our clients claim that Prime Pest Control is the best rat pest control services in Kolkata.

Why choose Prime Pest Control for rat pest control in Kolkata?

Prime Pest Control is the most effective and reliable rat control service in Kolkata. After booking your appointment, a team of our experts visit your premises with the necessary training and experience to quickly and effectively remove the rat infestation and prevent future outbreaks. We use advanced techniques and products to ensure the safety of your family, pets and property, and all chemicals used by us are approved by the government. Some more top reasons to choose Prime Pest Control for Kolkata rat control:

●Abundant rat control

Rats are not easy to control because they breed very fast but when the number of rats is small it is still possible to control them but when their number increases it becomes very difficult to control them and there we ensure that no matter the number of rats we effectively control and prevent them.

●Safe product

Pest control requires several products and every product we use is effective and safe. Our previous work reviews prove that the products we use are safe for human health and the environment.

●Professional and experienced team

Our team of experts are highly trained and experienced in providing rat pest control services and their past work proves that they will get the job done effectively, ensuring the safety of your property.


Prime Pest Control believes that effective rat pest control services should be accessible to everyone, so we offer our services at affordable prices.


Our rat control service consists of several steps, first detection and then treatment. After the first treatment, our team monitors your place once more to ensure that no mice re-infest, and if necessary, they perform an effective procedure again and a completely free one.


Rats are currently becoming a nuisance and a problem for homeowners and business owners in Kolkata as rats are causing a lot of costly property damage. You can ignore a rat as a small pest but they can cause you significant damage. Protect your home and business premises with Prime Pest Control and get effective rat control services. For Book an appointment our official number. Without delay get your date fixed. Call Now – (+91) 9007771418 . We are open our customer service 24*7 hours.

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