Cockroach-Ants Control

Cockroaches are recurring annoyance in most homes and commercial establishments. They can be found in the kitchen, bathrooms and almost anywhere in the home and office. They are also found in electric meters, garbage dumps, sewage systems and so on making the inside and the outside areas very unhygienic and disease ridden. Sharing your place with these pesky pests is not at all fun. They can transfer diseases such as Typhoid, Hepatitis, Dysentery, Asthma etc and you won’t even notice!

Innovative Gel Service is specially designed to tackle common household pests such as cockroaches and ants. This treatment is 100% safe for human beings but effectively kills the cockroaches & Ants and prevents them from infesting again for a long time. It is effectively fast and destroys the entire colony from the source. In case of society or common area pest control, this spray treatment is carried out in society common areas like staircase, manholes, terrace, lift pits, compound area, shafts etc.


★ No Smell ★ No Fuss ★ No Inconvenience
☆ Additional Free Cockroach Traps ☆
☆ No need to vacate the kitchen
☆ Job completed while you wait!


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