Cockroach-Ants Control

Cockroaches and ants are the most annoying, common insects we come across. Be it your home or commercial establishments; you want it disturbance-free. Cockroaches and ants can appear uninvitedly in any place where there is dirt and dust. They don’t mind visiting your kitchen, bathroom, drawing room, office places, and even in your bedrooms. They are found at electric meters, dustbins, sewage systems, and where not! We understand that sharing your place with the fast-moving dirty insects is never a pleasant feeling. The good news is every problem has a solution. The cockroach problem is no exception.

Cockroaches and ants are not only annoying, but they also spread diseases. The annoying incest transfers diseases like typhoid, dysentery, asthma, hepatitis, and other skin diseases. They do it in such a way that you won’t even notice. When cockroaches visit the kitchen, they mess with edible foods. That can cause humans stomach problems. But hold on! Where there is a problem, there is a solution too. Innovative Gel service by Prime pest controls acts like that. We provide excellent cockroach pest control in Kolkata and across nearby places.

The innovative formula of the gel is safe for human beings and very effective for insects. It is also powerful enough to prevent them from infesting once again for a long period. The gel formula is notably fast and destroys the entire insect colony from the root. Book your appointment and experience the best pest control treatment. You can book a consultation through both offline and online modes.

★ No Smell ★ No Fuss ★ No Inconvenience
☆ Additional Free Cockroach Traps ☆
☆ No need to vacate the kitchen
☆ Job completed while you wait!


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