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Dec 04

Since Kolkata is a densely populated area, there are sure to be many kinds of insect nests there. All these types of insects harm our health from poisoning our food to causing skin problems and can harm our children too, so getting pest control services is a must.

For the past many years Kolkata has been serving its residents, various pest control services make endless efforts to get rid of pests.

Kolkata has a high population so there is a possibility that the number of pests there is also high. Your health awareness is up to you. When the government is unable to succeed even after hundreds of attempts, there are several private companies that have taken initiatives for regulatory services.

Method Of Pest Control

Just as our state has a large population, there is a wide variety of pests and there are each with a different control mechanism. Pests cannot be eliminated by the same control methods or by the same drugs. Even when we want to get rid of pests through domestic methods, we adopt different methods.

But home methods of pest control are not easy to completely eliminate because the pests have become resistant to all those sprays or medicines, so they need control services.

Types Of Pest Control Services

  • Ants Control service.
  • Mosquitos control service.
  • BedBug Control service.
  • Rodent Control service.
  • Cockroach Control service.
  • General Control Service.
  • Wood Borer Control service.
  • Fly Control Service.
  • Spider Control Service.
  • HoneyBee Control Service.

Application For Pest Control Services In Kolkata

The application process for booking Pest Control Services in Kolkata is very simple. You can directly contact the pest control service through phone call email bar whatsapp.

Before starting your application process you need to identify what type or species of pests are harboring in your home or office and what areas they are infesting.

way Of Identification

All kinds of insects first start to take shelter in the bathroom and kitchen because the kitchen is where they get food.

Unexpected fecal urine stains can tell you that insects have taken up residence in your kitchen. If you look around the cracked areas of the wall, if this mud house is made, you will understand that the termites have built a nest. Small pieces of cloth or small pieces of paper indicate that you have a rat nest in your house.


Many people don’t have a general idea of ​​how much small and annoying insects can infect our lives, so they go unnoticed.

Insects can spread poisons in our food which can make us sick and children mostly get sick very quickly from all these poisons. So contact Pest Control Services in Kolkata today and if your house is infested start the control process as soon as possible.

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