Which Pest Control Is Best For Rats Control?

Jun 19

Rats are a nightmare to humans, because they can cause catastrophic damage. Rats are now a common pest in every house in Kolkata and they cause various types of infections in the house. Rats can damage electrical wiring and furniture structures in homes, they can also contaminate food and carry disease. In this guide, we will discuss different ways on how to get rid of rat infestation.

There are several effective methods to get rid of rats that will get rid of rats in a quick and easy way. Although there are various ways or methods, we advise professional pest control in Kolkata services who provide environmentally friendly pest control services in a very simple way.

What things attract rats the most?

● Rats are primarily attracted to homes for food and shelter.
● Rats like to live in holes in the house, so they look for holes in the house.
● Rats like to hide in high places like roofs, so they often take shelter in roof houses.

Initial Symptoms Of Rats

● Odor
● piece of paper
● Rat droppings

Methods Of Rat Control

Rats are now a common problem in every house and every house is being damaged by rats. Steps to control them should be taken as soon as possible after identifying their initial symptoms. There are various home remedies by which to prevent rat infestation but there is no guarantee how effective they will be as they are only temporary. We suggest you go with Prime Pest Control as this service will give you a complete pest control service with several benefits.

Seal holes

Since rats like to live in holes in the house you should close the holes in the walls. Your first step to prevent rat infestation is to keep your house clean and even seal the holes so that there is no reason for rats to stay in the house and it is your responsibility to keep yourself healthy so try to cover the food as much as possible.


Next to the rat hole you can put traps where the rats will easily fall and you clean them out slowly one by one you can trap the rats to prevent their infestation but remember that rat traps are very time consuming.


Another good option for rat control is bait. Since rats are very attracted to food, you can trap them with food baits, but these are only possible when the number of rats is very low. Such remedies will never be effective when the rat population is rampant.


There are many rat kills available in the market. If these poisons are mixed with the food and given to the rats, they will die in a while but these poisons are very risky. If children or pets in the household eat these poisoned foods, fatal events can occur.

Professional Pest Control Service

The best and most effective way to control rat infestations is through professional pest control that provide effective, long-lasting, Eco friendly rat pest control in Kolkata services.

It is your responsibility to keep your property and health healthy, as well as the health of your household members. So without delay call our official phone number to book your appointment as soon as possible.

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