Top 10 Tips And Tricks For Termite Control Services

Jul 01

Termites are tiny insects that feed on the cellulose of wood and live in colonies. Termites can do a lot of damage to your property if they are not eradicated after a little infestation. There are more than 200 species of termites all over the world and each species has different methods of extermination.

We adviseĀ  Pest Control in Kolkata to provide you termite treatment with effective methods so that your property lasts longer.

Symptoms of termite infestation

Before choosing a termite control method, it is essential to know the signs of termite infestation in your home. If you do not know how to identify the termite problem, you will have to endure the loss of valuable property at its cost. Some symptoms of termite infestation are:

  • Hollow Sound from wood
  • Damage wood
  • Clay tube in the wall
  • Small holes in the wall
  • Wings lying on the ground

If you notice any of the above symptoms, you must choose an effective termite controlĀ  in Kolkata. If you do not take any steps to eliminate them even after noticing the symptoms, then when their numbers increase to an excessive level, it will become impossible to deal with them and you will have to face more losses.

Termites are tiny insects but they are very annoying, when they bite you while you are sleeping they are very annoying and can cause allergies, no serious diseases have been reported by termites till now but they cause a lot of damage to your property so here we are ten Discussed termite control tips and tricks. Although we believe pest control services are best for controlling these types of pests, we have discussed a few other options.

Termite prevention methods

Keep the kitchen clean at all times

We should keep our kitchen clean because there are vegetable peels or edibles in the kitchen and the sinks are also dirty, due to which termites move to these areas to store their food so you need to keep your kitchen clean first to avoid their infestation.

Keep the bathroom clean

Another part of our house that is mostly dirty is the bathroom. We should always keep the bathroom area clean otherwise they will infect the bathroom and contaminate the food in our kitchen.

Clear the accumulated water

Stagnant water is mainly inhabited by mosquitoes but stagnant water keeps the surrounding area moist which makes it easy for termites to infest.

Keep outdoor items outside

Exteriors can also bring in outside trash and even termites, so keep them away from the home.

Foam treatment

If your property starts to be infested with termites, you can eliminate them with the help of foam treatment in the first stage.

Heat treatment

Termites cannot survive in extreme heat, so they live especially in holes or mounds in walls, so you can eliminate them by applying excess heat.

Use Neem Oil

You can reduce termite infestation from your home by using neem oil.


The strong smell of naphthalene can kill or leave termites from your home. You can also try this method.

DIY method

Currently, there are many types of termite control sprays available in the market with which you can get rid of termites but they pose a health risk because if for some reason small members or pets in your house come in contact with such sprays, they may suffer various harms.

Professional Termite Control Kolkata

If you are not getting rid of termite control using any of the above methods or infestation is increasing day by day then it is best for you to hire professional pest control services. Because they are skilled and experienced in preventing all these pest infestations ,they can control termites with appropriate solutions.

As the saying goes, a tiny ant can hurt a big elephant. Seriously, a tiny insect can ruin your expensive property. You need to choose effective preventative measures and termite control methods at the right time to avoid costly repairs.

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