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A home is a heaven to all of us. There are many things you don’t think about until they become a significant problem. Unfortunately, household pests are often one of those things. Will you allow those pesky pests to disrupt your lives at home? Don’t worry anymore! Prime Pest Control is the answer to your problem. Our innovative services will cover all pest-related issues and make your heaven intruders free.

In these daily busy schedules, you overlook so many small problems in your life. You have so many priorities and duties in our homes on daily basis. If you have pests in your home, then you can expect them anywhere. It could be on your bed, furniture, clothes, and even in your food. If you do not take enough measures to keep those invaders away from our home, they can make a safe place for them in your house. And you will certainly not prefer a place that can cause both stress and health complications. So here we are!

PRIME PEST CONTROL is one of the fastest-growing and best pest control service providers in Kolkata. We have been providing effective pest control services in Kolkata to both Residential & Commercial areas at an affordable price for the last 8 years.

We have served across diverse sectors like schools and educational institutions, hospitals and clinics, Banks and Financial institutions, corporate offices, the Hospitality industry, Retail chains, Manufacturing, and food processing plants, Restaurants, Societies, buildings, constructions.

Prime Pest Control provides the best cockroach, termite, bed bug, mosquito, rat, etc pest control service provider in Kolkata. We are specialized in environmentally safe, odorless, hassle-free, child-friendly pest control services and strive to help people with their pest problems in an ecologically safe method of treatment.

Prime Pest Control focuses on developing industry-leading service operations through the sharing of best practices, innovations, and the use of high-end technologies. Our technicians are well educated, have solid background & have hands-on experience. We also have a dedicated customer support team equipped with the latest systems and equipment to ensure that the treatment is done as per the decided schedule/method and customers’ convenience.


Our mission is to be the chosen service provider by providing supreme quality pest control services administered by trained personnel who will carry out pest control activities in the most ethical and safe manner possible, using only environmentally responsible solutions.


Our vision is to protect and preserve health and property by providing safe and professional pest control services to individuals, businesses, and clients by being high on levels of integrity, customer service, and safety.