Termite Control

Termites, commonly known as white ants are pesky and destructive pests. They mostly feed on dead plant materials, with the ability to digest cellulose. They are silent attackers and known for structural damage. They can severely damage your expensive furniture, books and money. Over time, termite damage can become significant on door frames, kitchen cabinets, staircase and wooden flooring.

When dealing with Termites, Prevention is the best cure. Don’t worry!! Prime offers both pre-construction and post-construction anti-termite treatments to ensure that you and your assets are protected from the harms caused by destructive termites.

Termite Control Service Includes:-
★ Free inspection by trained professionals
★ Free re-treatment in case of pest resurgence (during the warranty period)
★ 5 & 10 years warranty, based on type of service opted for
★ Govt. registered & approved chemical

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