Safest Way To Get Rid Of Rats: Rat Control

Feb 16

Rats are small creatures that can easily cause us great harm. Rats easily take shelter in our homes without our knowledge and slowly spread, destroy our household property behind our eyes, and are also adept at spreading some toxic diseases. Getting rid of rats is not a very easy task, so it takes time to get rid of them. No matter what method you use, you have to accept that getting rid of rats takes time. Among all the methods, one of the best ways by which you can get rid of rats quickly is a professional control service.

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Rats

Rat infestation in residential or business premises can be annoying, as business premises(documents) can easily be eaten by rats and it is very harmful to your business. Rats also spread many deadly viruses which are very dangerous for your health. It is very difficult to completely get rid of rats because once they are infected, they try to infect the same place again and again. In this article, we have discussed some methods by which you can get rid of rats in the fastest way.

There are several ways to get rid of rats at low cost, but those ways can be dangerous for your household members, especially children, so you should first take care that the method you choose is not harmful to your household members.


The oldest and cheapest way to get rid of rats is trapping. Wooden snap traps are quite effective compared to plastic ones before buying you need to identify the size of your house rats because according to that size you will buy the right size trap and care should be taken while placing the traps so that they don’t trigger your house kids or pets.

Place the trap in places where rata can easily fall into the trap as they move around and try to leave something they like to eat around the trap, such as cheese.

Glue Board

A very easy and cheap way is to use glue boards, if you don’t have any pets or children in your house, you can buy several glue boards and place them under the bed, under the cupboards, and especially under your kitchen sink where rats can easily look for food. – Over there rats will chip away at these boards and you can easily remove them outside your home.


Another option is rat poison. It is possible to get rid of rats very quickly with rat poison, but it is very dangerous because if a piece of poison gets mixed in your food or is ingested by a child or pet, it can be very dangerous, so we do not advise you to use rat poison. You can only use rat poison in areas that are less frequented by people in your household.

You have to be very careful if you use rat poison to get rid of rats. Another thing you need to remember is that rats do not die immediately when they eat the poison, after a few hours the rats go to the corners of the house and die and it spreads the bad smell.


You can also get rid of rats with bait but don’t always use the same bait.

Pest Control Service

As compared to all the methods discussed above, the use of control services by professionals is the best way. Rat control services are done quickly and safely by Pest Control Services in Kolkata. Professional services that use all pesticide chemicals are safe and are not harmful to your health.

In densely populated areas of Kolkata where rat infestation is high, we provide guaranteed Rat Control in Kolkata Area. Book an appointment with us quickly for rat extermination in time to survive Hantavirus.

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