How Does Termite Control Differ In Various Climates?

Apr 03

Termite problem is one of the most common and complex problems that almost every home faces. Termites are social insects and are said to be similar to bees or ants. Termites generally feed on dead plant remains, leaf litter, soil, etc. for sustenance. There are different types of insects and different types of termites are found in different climates and they usually destroy property such as wooden furniture.

Risks From Termites

They make their homes in mud walls and make your house look awkward. They also eat the cellulose of your wooden furniture, weakening it and if they bite you, you may develop an allergy or rash. So far, no fatal diseases are caused by termites. But since they make their home in the walls of the house, there is a possibility of an electrical short circuit which can be fatal, so the help of pest control in Kolkata services should be taken to get rid of them as soon as possible. Because pest control services located in Kolkata are made up of skilled and experienced teams who have done this type of hazardous work before.

Professional Pest Control Services

Termite problem is a common and complicated problem in densely populated areas of Kolkata because termites once infest your house are not easy to get rid of. The climate is always changing in Kolkata and according to the change in the climate there are various types of insect infestations in Kolkata, one of the common one is termites, especially during the rainy season the termite infestation increases, according to the survey, 80% of the houses in Kolkata are affected by termites.

Termite destroys house property and is an uncomfortable pest for you who bites you especially while you are sleeping and disturbs you because they live under your bed. You won’t get rid of termites easily because termites can breed very quickly and build up their population very quickly. To get rid of them from the root, you need to hire professional pest control services who will provide effective services.

We have been operating pest control services in Kolkata with a skilled and experienced team for many years. You can directly visit our office local or online services are available where you can call and book your appointment. After booking your appointment one of our experienced teams will first identify your required location and then they will decide which process and chemical to conduct the termite control service.


Control services are different according to the climate and Kolkata is a hot and humid climate where its control methods are completely different and different types of sprays cannot complete these control services effectively, so professional termite control in Kolkata services provide effective control services which are profitable in the long run. Although professional control services are a bit more expensive than other methods, they keep you pest-free for a long time, so contact us(+) for the best way for you to keep your home safe. Contact No – (+91) 9007771418 ) We are available on call 24/7 hours for our customers.

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