How Can I Prevent Mosquito Infestations At Home

Feb 18

A mosquito is an annoying flying insect that disturbs you during your sleep or important work. In spring and early summer, mosquito infestations increase at dusk. Reliable Mosquito Pest control Kolkata services are the best option when the mosquitoes cannot be completely eradicated even after adopting various DIY methods.

There are many types of mosquitoes. Among them, three types of mosquitoes generally spread diseases such as Anopheles mosquitoes, Culex mosquitoes, and Aedes mosquitoes. Mosquito bites can cause deadly diseases like dengue, so instead of avoiding mosquito bites, they should be eliminated as soon as possible.

Signs of mosquito infestation

Symptoms of mosquito infestation are easy to spot because mosquitoes move around in dark areas in your home. Even when you sleep you can hear the sound of mosquitoes flying.

Forests or river areas are more prone to mosquito infestation, but dark areas in our homes are also more prone to mosquito infestation. Another easy way to detect a mosquito infestation is when a mosquito bites you, many people can’t feel the mosquito bite at the time but later notice itching and swelling.

Damage and disease by mosquitoes

According to WHO, the mosquito is a flying insect that can easily spread various diseases and even carry serious viruses, while there are several mosquitoes whose bites do not cause any damage except for itching and swelling. However, mosquitoes that carry viruses or spread diseases must be eliminated as soon as possible because mosquitoes mostly affect the sensitive skin of young children.

Mosquito bites can cause deadly diseases such as dengue, and mosquitoes also transmit the virus from one person to another by first biting or sucking the blood of an infected person, then when they bite another person, the mosquito’s salivary glands transmit the virus to an uninfected person. To Stop bacterial infections occur mosquito Pest control Kolkata reliable services are best.

How Can Prevent mosquito infestation

Since a mosquito is a flying insect, it is not easy to get rid of a mosquito infection. Here we discuss some of the best ways by which you can get rid of mosquitoes and enjoy a comfortable life and sleep.

Stop standing water

One of the most important ways to avoid mosquito bites is to eliminate standing water. Places like reservoirs harbor large numbers of mosquitoes. Old water accumulates there and mosquito infestation increases day by day because mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant water so by regular cleaning and regular water changes, you can avoid mosquito infestation.

Keep drains clean

Mosquitoes can easily infect and lay their eggs where rotten sewage accumulates in drains. If there are open drains around your home, even if there is an open drain under the sink, mosquito infestation can easily occur there. So cover open drains and try to keep drains clean.


There are several mosquito kill sprays available in the market. But the sprays are not effective, only as long as the smell stays in the area where you spray, the mosquito infestation will be reduced, so it is never possible to completely get rid of the mosquitoes with the sprays.

Professor Pest Control

The best way to get rid of a mosquito infestation is to have control services done by a professional. Professional pest control is effective for a long time and they also help prevent the spread of mosquitoes. A bit costly but professional control will allow you to live a sterile and comfortable life.

Areas in Kolkata where open drains are abundant have high mosquito infestation and homes are also heavily infested with mosquitoes so pest control in Kolkata areas is very important as Kolkata is witnessing dengue.

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